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We neglect t do some prom leases, complete stop. To learn more about our solutions, donFeel free to speak to a client service representative directly. But in case youre a parent and need to arrange to let our luxury sedans for being chauffeur at nightwere pleased to adapt just ensure that YOU make the call!

MYKONOS RENT A CAR QUATTRO transactions in bicycle and auto rentals in Mykonos, the most well known island of the Cyclades, for at least decades. Our leases include mph day. As one of the very first tourism companies in Mykonoswe could boast about our extended experience and the popularity of the solutions from the tourist people. Following that, mileage prices fluctuate based upon the automobile take a look at the automobile information pages for particulars. Contemplating each customer exceptional, we guarantee that they stay satisfied every single moment, honoring consequently their decision on the business. If you double your mileage on a lease, theres an extra /mile surcharge in addition to the standard mileage rate.

The complete safety and ease of our customers are the greatest priorities of the household business all today. For instance You lease the Lamborghini Gallardo for a single day. Because of this, routine maintenance and regular inspections have been conducted into the fleet, that stays in strict top quality degrees, in accordance with European standards.

The initial miles that you drive will be included in the purchase price of the lease. Our fleet is made up of vast array of automobiles and motorbikes that fulfill your unique requirements. Anything around miles prices you ./mile. QUATTRO RENT A CAR features lots of alternatives even in more complicated demands for manual or automatic , which is going to be the best choice for a fun exploration of the staircase. All mileage fees are charged from your safety deposit. People who want your own excursions in Mykonos being continuously accompanied by the feeling of Dubai car rental liberty, weve got the best options in two wheel new delivered Piaggio motorbikes from cc up to cc from Liberty, Fly and Typhoon versions.

As a result of very large price tag of these vehicles we provide, its our policy to have a refundable security deposit for all our leases and Dream Car Tour participants. In the event you pick the distinctive four stroke ATVS, you may feel as protagonists at a movie on the summertime quest, driving in search of hidden beaches and infrequent photographed landscapes of this island. The deposits vary from , , based on the automobile and degree of insurance you take. When driving to unfamiliar destinations isnt really nice for you or if you dont own a drivers permit, the alternative for your transports in Mykonos is your Mini Van rental with driver for as much as eight passengers in the most inexpensive costs of the marketplace.

Rest assured, that is reimbursed in full when the vehicle was returned and completely scrutinized. Love the spectacle of islanddiscover the key places our guide will reveal to you and also get to understand that our lands regular life via entirely secure and thrilling excursions. This typically takes business days following the conclusion of your lease. Our friendly staff are always prepared to pick you up immediately and at no excess cost in the port or the airport of Mykonos or perhaps in the resort youve selected for your lodging. Whether there arent any extra mileage fees rent a car in Dubai or minor harms, theyre charged out of your deposit and the remainder will be refunded back on your credit card.

And naturally, as leasing of a vehicle or bicycle shouldnt exceed your financial plan for a nice stay and move at the island of Mykonos, we guarantee you that weve got the best prices! We encounter a great deal of small scuffs and scratches on our own cars rent-a-car.ae when they move out on leases occasionally clients scrape on a wheel, scrape on front bumper or bubble a bicycle to name but . This town of high rises and shopping malls has now changed itself in the desert outpost into a destination of now, where tourists start looking for sales deals, sun, and family enjoyment.